Art & Fashion: A Beautiful Union

Happy Sunday!

I fancy myself an art and fashion/style enthusiast. I love art; I love fashion. The two are where my soul lie; a marriage of expression, creativity, and individuality. The best thing about having a platform such as a blog, is having the ability to share my creative mind with the masses. I’ve found great pleasure in allowing my inhibitions to run free through my creativity.

I’d like to think my blog is more than just posting snazzy photos that are pleasing to the eye; it’s so much more than that. It’s about my undying love for aesthetics, forms, shapes, and the like. We are but a few weeks from the end of 2017, and I look forward to sharing more of what ignites my soul in 2018 and beyond.

Special thanks to the amazing team over at Fort Works Art! It was a pleasure shooting in their awesome gallery. If you haven’t visited, it’s worth taking a trip to Cowtown. The space is truly inspirational, and they house work from some of the most notable artists in the nation!Saint Hoax, Sara ZaherWhat ignites your soul?

Photo Credit:

Tedizzle Photography


Nailea Porras

Ensemble (1) Details:

‘Meh’ sweater – No longer available

Faux Fur Mini skirt – Sold in stores

Suede booties – No longer available

Polka Dot tights


Ensemble (2) Details:

Active Graphic Windbreaker

Seamless Ribbed Jumpsuit

Old Skool Platform


Mickey Mouse Baseball Cap

No longer available

Artist’s work included in each photo:
  1. Yvonne Domenge
  2. Leah Yerpe, Steve Kim, Johan Barrios
  3. Arthur Brouthers, Ben Willis, Steve Kim, Johan Barrios
  4. Andres Anza, Johan Barrios, Leah Yerpe, Saint Hoax, Sarah Zaher
  5. Chloe Bennett
  6. Chloe Bennett
  7. Chloe Bennett
  8. Jana Renée
  9. Jana Renée
  10. Jana Renée
  11. JanaRenée
  12. Jana Renée
  13. Chloe Bennett
  14. Saint Hoax, Sara Zaher

Sale Away!

Happy Tuesday!

Post-Christmas sales are Heaven-sent. If there’s any holes in your wardrobe, that’s the perfect time to fill them! Zara and Nordstrom are worth mentioning, because I scored chic pieces without going over budget. I’ve also taken advantage of American Apparel’s Going Out of Business sale. Regular-priced items are 40% off and everything on sale is 70%, um yes. These high-waisted denim pants were a regular $70, but I got them for $21! Not to mention, they make my derrière look quite nice.

I had a look in mind involving a crewneck sweatshirt and denim pants, with fishnets underneath. The one I’m wearing was originally $55, but I bought it for $22. It’s a TopShop original, sold at Nordstrom. It has both a feminine and masculine appeal, and it looks good with almost anything, whether it be jeans or a skirt.
What were your post-Christmas sale finds?

Photo Credit:

Bliss Katherine 


Miracle Watson


Rosie Fermin

Ensemble Details:

Crewneck Sweatshirt (No longer available)

High Waisted Denim (No longer available)

Fishnet Tights

Chelsea Boots 


Secret Ring