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Weekday Recap featuring Pomp Society!

Happy Sunday!

For those of you who follow the blog regularly, know that I’m obsessed with jumpers. A few weeks ago, I shot with Pomp Society for their one year anniversary sale, and one of the vintage items I modeled was a Mizz Lizz plaid, pastel-colored jumper. Of course, after being photographed in the piece, I ended up making the purchase!

I love how the jumper is a size 11/12, but fits perfectly. However, the leg region is a bit baggy, but still flattering. I received so many compliments on Thursday regarding my entire ensemble. I’m so relieved that I decided to hold on to my periwinkle bucket bag, as it paired well with the colors in the jumper. Honestly, I’ll probably never rid myself of this piece!

Sukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographyWhat are your thoughts on my vintage pastel jumper?

Photo Credits:
Sukilynn Photography

Blownaway App

Karida Jones

Expo Nails

Ensemble Details:
Mizz Lizz Vintage Jumper
Gold Sandals (No longer available)

“Kelley” & “B” Necklaces
Drawstring Bag (No longer available)