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Summer in Tie-Dye

Happy Wednesday!

Summer is moving right along and I find myself trying to hold onto every moment. Hanging out over in Trinity Groves this past weekend was fitting. Here goes my shameless plug: If you haven’t taken the chance to explore Trinity Groves then I suggest you add that to your list. Esther and I had a blast over by Four Corners Brewing Company.

My Silky Tie Dye Jumper was perfect for me to wear on the 100 degree day. It felt more like 106, but you get my drift. Initially, wearing a jumpsuit seems like a bad idea when you think about it, but the material is extremely lightweight and I didn’t feel “hot” at all. I really like the length of the pants and how it gives off a 70’s vibe. The back is flirty and I couldn’t have picked a better hairstyle. The tie-dye print is definitely an eye-catcher and it’s easy. Jumpers require minimal to no effort; I embrace that during the warmer months. Grab a pair of cute shoes and sunnies and you’re on!

http://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comWhat are you thoughts on my Silky Tie-Dye jumper? How are you incorporating the Tie-Dye trend into your summer wardrobe?

Photo Credit:

Esther Huynh


Nailea Porras


Meka Sanders

Ensemble Details:

Tie-Dye Jumper

Suede Strappy Sandals


Classic Hoop Earrings

Whirly Lollipop

Weekend Style Recap featuring Nectar Sunglasses

Happy Tuesday!

If you asked me what accessory I couldn’t live without, the answer would be sunglasses. Friends of mine give me a hard time, because I have a Tootsies bag in my backseat filled with over a dozen pair. In there, you’ll find everything from cat-eye sunnies to gold tip, tortoise shell aviators.

I recently added a pair to my plethora of sunnies from Nectar Sunglasses, in one of their popular shades, Amethyst. I wore them for the first time while strolling through the Arts District of Downtown Dallas. The sunnies paired well with my black, colorful clouds tee, distressed boyfriend jeans, and chunky platform sandals. They’re extremely lightweight and with me being an occasional klutz, I don’t have to worry about scratching the lens due to the scratch resistance film. The sunnies are quite the conversation piece with the polycarbonate lenses; which I think are über chic and trendy!

image-2Sukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographyDid I mention that you can receive 10% off your next Nectar Sunglasses purchase? Just apply lovenectar at checkout!

What are your thoughts on my weekend style featuring Nectar Sunglasses?

Photo Credits:

Yesi Fortuna

Ensemble Details:

Colorful Cloud Tee: H&M

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans: dELiA*s

Chunky Platform Sandals: Forever 21


Amethyst Sunnies: Nectar Sunglasses

Gold Casio Watch: American Apparel

Love Bracelet: Cartier

Rubber Love Bracelet: Lust Ltd. 

Trend To Try: Fringe Handbags

Trend To Try: Fringe


Gucci purse


Miu miu handbag
$1,150 – flannels.com

Tory Burch leather purse

Steve Madden hippy bag

Urban Originals black fringe purse
$55 – theiconic.com.au

H M shoulder bag
$33 – hm.com


Good morning All!

The fringe handbags pictured above are absolutely gorgeous. I must admit, I was a bit annoyed when creating the board. Why? Well, one thing about me that a great deal of people don’t know, is that I’ll wear something once and discard of it.

Wait….Allow me to clarify that, because I know some of you will probably read that with eyes wide open. (Lol) I have the tendency to get over clothing, shoes, and the like, before they’re considered dated. I’ll randomly wake up and say, “This must go.” Something like a liquidation sale, except I’m not selling anything!

Furthermore, I purchased a turquoise shoulder bag from Target last year that I was really excited about. I carried it a few times and ended up getting rid of it, along with some other items. I thought, “There’s no way fringe bags will make a comeback.” WRONG! The other day, I was thumbing through one of my favorite fashion publications and noticed an entire article on fringe handbags. I was sick, livid, all the above! This is clearly a lesson to me: Hold on a little longer! Also, festival season is upon us and what better way to house all of your essentials?!
P.S. I’ve provided a few photos for your viewing pleasure. By then, you’ll know why I made such a fuss!


Paris Fashionweek day 7, fw 2014, Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea
What are your thoughts on fringe handbags?
Photo Credits:

The Style Barn’s Gift Guide

The Style Barn's Christmas Guide


Topshop red jacket

Valentino red pointy toe pumps
$1,000 – brownsfashion.com

H M black purse
$25 – hm.com

Gemstone jewelry

Frends headphone


Shop for every kind of girl on your list, with TSB’s gift guide!

I know this will be helpful for those men who aren’t sure what to buy that special woman in their life. Of course, men know that there are different types of women and what one woman may find favorable, another might not. By the way, that’s what makes us so unique.  😉

Furthermore, I also created this for the women who are still unsure of what to get their mother, best friend, and/or boss. Whether you’re shopping for a tech geek, style maven, beauty junkie, or glamour girl, this guide will help ease that Christmas shopping anxiety!

For more great gifts and stocking stuffers, shop these online retailers:

  1. Nasty Gal
  2. Bauble Bar
  3. Shop Jeen
  4. Forever 21
  5. Top Shop
  6. Saks Fifth Avenue
  7. GiGi New York
  8. Sephora

Where will you be purchasing your Christmas gifts?