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I <3 The 70's Pt. 2

Happy Monday!

We had a cold front usher it’s way through the DFW area. The good news is that it presented the opportunity for me to wear my fringe jacket. I snagged this baby in the summer and I’ve waited patiently to wear it at the right time. It’s a 100% suede with a nice fringe detail on both sides. Actually, everything I’m wearing below happens to be some of my favorite fall pieces. After a month-long hunt, I found a reasonably priced Lace Up Front Bodysuit¬†– score! I was coveting one from a known clothier, but couldn’t bring myself to pay almost $100. I found an inexpensive version via MissGuided for $37.

The denim flares I’m wearing are every bit of amazing. I ordered them on a whim and didn’t regret paying over $100. Like my other pair of denim flares these too, had to be altered. They were just too long. Now, they’re a perfect fit. The bell at the bottom might be extreme for some, but I love it. I’ll definitely get plenty of wears out of these jeans!

http://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comDo you own a pair of denim flares? If so, are they worth the price?

Photo Credits:

Esther Huynh


Rosiee Fermin

Ensemble Details:

Genuine Suede Fringe Jacket

Lace Up Front Bodysuit

Highland High Rise Flare

Faux Suede Strappy Sandals


Gold Hoops

Do you see these Shoes?!

Happy Thursday!

“Do you see these shoes?!”

I’m sure you’ve uttered those words when you were wearing a pair of shoes that only the shoe gods could create.

Well, those are my exact sentiments regarding my new babies, the Raven. They’re quite the conversation piece. The first time I wore them, I was like, “Do you see these shoes?” “Get a load of the fringe, the fringe, THE FRINGE!” Obviously, that’s my most favorable part of the shoe. The color is fitting for a majority of the pieces in my closet, and I can transition them from day to night. Unless you were born in heels, I wouldn’t recommend wearing these for more than an hour. The Raven isn’t as high as some of my other heels, but they are definitely not for the faint at heart.

I had the hardest time trying to figure out what I would pair with the Raven; I even made an attempt to go purchase something. Fortunately, I managed to conjure up a pretty awesome ensemble with pieces I already owned. Don’t you just love an all black ensemble with a pair of killer tan/camel heels?! *Wink*

Angie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyWhat pair of shoes do you own that should have a shrine built around them? (LOL)

Photo Credits:

Angie Garcia Photography


Nailea Porras

Ensemble Details:

Distressed Slub Knit Tee

Light wash Denim Jacket (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

 Distressed Denim

Raven Fringe Heels


Slant Bar Studs (In-stores only)

Perforated Rings (Borrowed from Grandma)


Etched Faux Stone Bracelet Set