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Fur Real

Happy Saturday!

I love a good faux fur. Let’s face it, my disposable income won’t allow me to buy the real deal (one day). Nowadays, you can snag a decent-looking faux fur for under $200. Sure, you might fork over more, but I’ll bet money that the quality is exceptional. Make a note that known retailers like NastyGal, MissGuidedTopShop and Asos have an amazing selection of faux furs.

The one I’m wearing below is from MissGuided. Not so fast, unfortunately, it’s sold out! However, you can click the aforementioned links for an identical version. The coat is amazing and worth the money. The warm inner lining serves its purpose with the below-freezing temperatures we’ve experienced in the last couple weeks. The dress I’m wearing underneath was definitely overshadowed by the furry goodness. http://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comTell me about your faux fur coat experience!

Photo Credit:

Esther Huynh


Rosiee Fermin


Cassandra Paul

Ensemble Details:

Faux Fur Coat (No longer available)

High-Slit Bodycon Dress 

Wide Fit Heeled Sandals


Ball-Embellished Ring Set 

Ridged-Band Ring Set

Henna tattoo:

Arusa Majeed