A Nod to Spring!

Happy Sunday!

I’m always researching fashion trends for the coming season. Hence, the reason why I’m wearing polka dot trousers in one photo, and blush cords in another. It’s a habit; in case anyone wants to peruse through the site and find out, it’s all here.

Polka dots, pink hues, and shades of yellow are showing up this spring. If you’ve never been to Dallas, our weather is pretty unpredictable. We’ve already experienced spring-like weather — highs in the 80’s last week.

Beehive Boutique in Fort Worth is the chicest. The inside is so picturesque, and the store is oozing with trendy merch for the fashion gal on a budget!

Heres’s a list of trends for Spring 2017:

  • Seaside Stripes
  • Khaki
  • Polka Dots
  • 50 Shades of Yellow
  • Banker Stripes
  • Statement Stripes
  • Single Shoulder Cut-Off
  • Shirting
  • Flashdance Shoulder
  • Sleeve Slits
  • White Shirt Dresses
  • Waist Cinchers
  • The New Trench Coat
  • Robes
  • Shocking Pink
  • Flower Power

What trends are you coveting for spring?

Photo Credit:

Angie Garcia


Lamettria Sanders


Nailea Porras

Also, I’m wearing the Crayola x Clinique’s Mango Tango and Tickle Me Pink on my lips. They showed up as a slight tint on my lips, but they’re extremely moisturizing nonetheless!

Ensemble (1) Details:

White Tank 

Polka Dot Trousers

Ensemble (2) Details:

Colonel Mustard Top

Oh, Boy Corduroy! Flares


Gold Rings 


Trend Source

Trend Source



I <3 The 70's

Happy Friday!

I’ve recently adopted an abnormal interest for the 70’s. Don’t ask me why or how – it’s an obsession that happened overnight. I find myself watching vintage episodes of Soul Train, JUST to see what everyone was wearing, their demeanor, etc. It doesn’t surprise me that you can now revamp your entire wardrobe with everything from a dashiki to a soulful pair of flare plants. Speaking of flare pants, the pair I wore on Sunday are interesting not to say the least. It was an impulse buy, characterized by an excuse to beat the price of the same exact pair I spotted at a boutique in Vegas. They’re no longer available but with the revival of the 70’s, you’ll be able to find an identical pair. I like the fit and how they accentuate my petite frame. They look good with platforms. Hence, the pair you can barely see in the photos below.

Get a load of the Castin Bells Crop which was another impulse buy. Initially, I ordered a small but it was loose-fitting, which isn’t good for a plunging neckline. I paid a visit to the seamstress so the perfect fit could be achieved. My photographer fell in love with the sleeves so much, that she captured a one-second Boomerang for me to share as a sneak peak of today’s post!

http://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comWhat are your thoughts on my 70’s inspired look? What trend are you currently obsessing over, and why?

Photo Credits:

Esther Huynh


Rosiee Fermin

Ensemble Details:

Castin’ Bells Crop

Disco Flare Pants (No longer available) See LuLus for more options!

Faux Suede Strappy Sandals


Tattoo Chocker Choker Necklace