Happy Fat Tuesday!

I think I’ve mentioned this before, and pardon me if I have—outwear is my favorite thing about winter. I like having options for keeping warm when the weather permits. So far, I’ve needed every piece of outerwear (and then some), for this F/W.

I love bombers. I own several, with all being different from the next. My newest addition happens to be extremely masculine; it’s associated with a daily mantra one should never forget: You will NEVER LOSE.

Founder and creator, Lemuel Okogbodu, is making strides with his custom-made pieces for both men and women. We spoke briefly about NVRLSE, and this is what he had to say:

Never Lose is a brand that aims to encourage the success of the individual. We believe in the narrative of the winner. This does not mean one will never stumble and fall. It is simply a reminder that when it’s all said and done, you will NEVER LOSE.

It’s so inspiring to be connected to individuals who are in tune with the betterment of not only themselves, but of other people!

What daily mantra do you swear by?

Photo Credit:

Tedizzle Photography


The Makeup Tribe

Ensemble Details:

Fishnet Choker

NVRLSE Bomber – No longer available in black!

Contrast Check Dress 

Leggings w/ Double Side Stripe 

Glitter booties – No longer available

TSB’s Fall Musthaves

Happy Tuesday!

Fall is undoubtedly here, and I’m coveting a long list of wardrobe staples… *sigh*

Here goes:


  1. Suede Baseball Cap: I love baseball caps. They’re great if you’re having a bad hair day, and/or if you want to jazz up your look. I’m always browsing Nasty Gal, and I found a Vegan Suede Baseball Cap that would look great this season.
  2. Bomber: Bombers are pretty much the #1 outerwear staple this fall/winter. I purchased an inexpensive, oxblood colored bomber around two months ago, but I would love to own Gucci’s Embroidered Duchesse Bomber.
  3. Flared Trousers: I recently started following Lisa Says Gah on Instagram and their Flared Pant caught my eye, instantly. I can see myself pairing the pant with a silver mule. Too bad they’re sold out. 😢
  4. Pink Fur: Gucci’s candy-floss-pink coat is everything dreams are made of; if only I could eradicate those zeroes. (Hey, a girl can dream!)
  5. Leopard Faux Fur Coat: I love a good fur coat, especially one with print. The Stella McCartney Fur-Free-Fur Leopard Coat is definitely a conversation-starter. I’d wear this during a cold, night on a town in NY. Unfortunately, I’d only get a few days wear, because it doesn’t get THAT cold in Texas.
  6. Lucite or Perspex Boots: Call me crazy, but I have to get my hands on a pair of Lucite Boots. I have several looks I’d like to achieve with the crystal clear shoe of the moment.
  7. Black Beret: I’ve been trying to score a black beret since last fall. I couldn’t seem to find one, ANYWHERE. Oh, but that won’t be the case this time. I spotted the perfect wool beret via Nasty Gal. #Winning
  8. Letterman: This is definitely on my list of outerwear to purchase this season. Last week, I spotted the cutest letterman or patch jacket via Zara.
  9. Velvet Cocktail Dress: Velvet is such a sexy and timeless fabric. Expect to see me in more than one Cocktail Dress, paired with a moto jacket and strappy heels.
  10. Pink Silk Blouse: I previously mentioned buying an oxblood bomber — well, I think a Pink Silk Blouse would be a match made in ensemble heaven. I’d finish the look with mom jeans in a light blue wash and silver loafers.
  11. Ear Piercing: After seeing a photo of Chiara Ferragni‘s triple ear piercing, I want to follow suit. In case you haven’t noticed, multiple ear piercings looks great with small, subtle studs.

What about you, what are your fall/winter musthaves?

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