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Pool Party: TSB x ANW Collaboration

Happy Tuesday!

I’m so thrilled to share with you my collaboration with an extremely talented, and good friend, Ashley Williams. I can’t begin to tell you the back and forth between the two of us, but it was worth it. I’ve been longing to do a post with fun and flirty pool looks since last summer, but there was no action on my end. I mentioned to Ashley my ideas and she ended up putting together looks around what I envisioned. Hence, the dangling foot chain that I could hug her a million times for suggesting. It was genius and paired perfectly with my Deep V Balconette and High Waist Brief bikini.

Beckley & Co. PhotographyBeckley & Co. PhotographyBeckley & Co. PhotographyI still believe in wearing white, especially on my nails. I’m wearing MiniLuxe’s very own nail lacquer that’s about as Heavenly as it gets! The white definitely complements the color of the suit and I’ve enjoyed wearing it. I’ll go out on a limb and say that white is difficult to paint on nails with perfection, but that’s no problem for the staff at MiniLuxe. 😉Beckley & Co. PhotographyPhoto Credits:

Beckley & Co. 

Creative Direction:

ANW (Ashley Williams)


Megan Hollis


Rosie Fermin


Meka Sanders

Ensemble Details:

Deep V Balconette

High Waist Brief

Nails (Toes):



dangling foot chain

Pavé Sputnik Ear Jackets Earring 

Weekday Recap featuring Pomp Society!

Happy Sunday!

For those of you who follow the blog regularly, know that I’m obsessed with jumpers. A few weeks ago, I shot with Pomp Society for their one year anniversary sale, and one of the vintage items I modeled was a Mizz Lizz plaid, pastel-colored jumper. Of course, after being photographed in the piece, I ended up making the purchase!

I love how the jumper is a size 11/12, but fits perfectly. However, the leg region is a bit baggy, but still flattering. I received so many compliments on Thursday regarding my entire ensemble. I’m so relieved that I decided to hold on to my periwinkle bucket bag, as it paired well with the colors in the jumper. Honestly, I’ll probably never rid myself of this piece!

Sukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographyWhat are your thoughts on my vintage pastel jumper?

Photo Credits:
Sukilynn Photography

Blownaway App

Karida Jones

Expo Nails

Ensemble Details:
Mizz Lizz Vintage Jumper
Gold Sandals (No longer available)

“Kelley” & “B” Necklaces
Drawstring Bag (No longer available)


Weekend Recap featuring Katydid Collection!

Happy Tuesday!

You can never go wrong with a pair of shorts. I probably own a million pair; if they’re cute, they’re fair game. My newest addition, the Moroccan-Printed Shorts shown below are the definition of cute and flirty. The polyester material is über comfortable and contains pockets! (And you know how I feel about pockets). I chose to wear my Jacquard Denim Shirt to highlight all the colors instead of focusing  on just one. I included the Bowler Derby Hat as a main accessory to give it a bit of an edge. Nonetheless, the ensemble turned out exactly how I envisioned. 😉

Sukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographyWhat are your thoughts on my weekend style?

Photo Credits:
Sukilynn Photography

Nailea Porras


Ensemble Details:
Jacquard Denim Shirt
Katydid Moroccan Fashion Women’s Shorts
Juju Seven Black Flat Jelly Sandals

Bowler Derby Hat
Retro Sunnies-Black

Trend To Try: Fringe Handbags

Trend To Try: Fringe


Gucci purse


Miu miu handbag
$1,150 – flannels.com

Tory Burch leather purse

Steve Madden hippy bag

Urban Originals black fringe purse
$55 – theiconic.com.au

H M shoulder bag
$33 – hm.com


Good morning All!

The fringe handbags pictured above are absolutely gorgeous. I must admit, I was a bit annoyed when creating the board. Why? Well, one thing about me that a great deal of people don’t know, is that I’ll wear something once and discard of it.

Wait….Allow me to clarify that, because I know some of you will probably read that with eyes wide open. (Lol) I have the tendency to get over clothing, shoes, and the like, before they’re considered dated. I’ll randomly wake up and say, “This must go.” Something like a liquidation sale, except I’m not selling anything!

Furthermore, I purchased a turquoise shoulder bag from Target last year that I was really excited about. I carried it a few times and ended up getting rid of it, along with some other items. I thought, “There’s no way fringe bags will make a comeback.” WRONG! The other day, I was thumbing through one of my favorite fashion publications and noticed an entire article on fringe handbags. I was sick, livid, all the above! This is clearly a lesson to me: Hold on a little longer! Also, festival season is upon us and what better way to house all of your essentials?!
P.S. I’ve provided a few photos for your viewing pleasure. By then, you’ll know why I made such a fuss!


Paris Fashionweek day 7, fw 2014, Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea
What are your thoughts on fringe handbags?
Photo Credits: