I <3 The 70's Pt. 2

Happy Monday!

We had a cold front usher it’s way through the DFW area. The good news is that it presented the opportunity for me to wear my fringe jacket. I snagged this baby in the summer and I’ve waited patiently to wear it at the right time. It’s a 100% suede with a nice fringe detail on both sides. Actually, everything I’m wearing below happens to be some of my favorite fall pieces. After a month-long hunt, I found a reasonably priced Lace Up Front Bodysuit – score! I was coveting one from a known clothier, but couldn’t bring myself to pay almost $100. I found an inexpensive version via MissGuided for $37.

The denim flares I’m wearing are every bit of amazing. I ordered them on a whim and didn’t regret paying over $100. Like my other pair of denim flares these too, had to be altered. They were just too long. Now, they’re a perfect fit. The bell at the bottom might be extreme for some, but I love it. I’ll definitely get plenty of wears out of these jeans!

http://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comhttp://www.estherhphoto.comDo you own a pair of denim flares? If so, are they worth the price?

Photo Credits:

Esther Huynh


Rosiee Fermin

Ensemble Details:

Genuine Suede Fringe Jacket

Lace Up Front Bodysuit

Highland High Rise Flare

Faux Suede Strappy Sandals


Gold Hoops

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