5 Year Blogiversary!

Happy Tuesday!

The Style Barn is officially 5 years old! Time flies when you’re having fun, and maintaining this blog has proven to be one of my greatest accomplishments. TSB has afforded me a plethora of opportunities that are too numerous to list. I can’t take the credit for it all, I’ve worked with some amazing photographers who helped bring my crazy ideas to fruition. As I continue to grow as fashion/style blogger, my goal is to share my love for fashion on a more consistent basis. I’m appreciative to all of you who support the brand; my gratitude surely goes beyond words!

What are some of your favorite posts, and why?

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Photo Credit:

Some Sweet Photo 


Lamettria Sanders

Ensemble Details:

Kassidy Sweater 

Iris Skirt 

Lace-Up Ankle Boots


Secret Ring

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