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A Nod to Spring!

Happy Sunday!

I’m always researching fashion trends for the coming season. Hence, the reason why I’m wearing polka dot trousers in one photo, and blush cords in another. It’s a habit; in case anyone wants to peruse through the site and find out, it’s all here.

Polka dots, pink hues, and shades of yellow are showing up this spring. If you’ve never been to Dallas, our weather is pretty unpredictable. We’ve already experienced spring-like weather — highs in the 80’s last week.

Beehive Boutique in Fort Worth is the chicest. The inside is so picturesque, and the store is oozing with trendy merch for the fashion gal on a budget!

Heres’s a list of trends for Spring 2017:

  • Seaside Stripes
  • Khaki
  • Polka Dots
  • 50 Shades of Yellow
  • Banker Stripes
  • Statement Stripes
  • Single Shoulder Cut-Off
  • Shirting
  • Flashdance Shoulder
  • Sleeve Slits
  • White Shirt Dresses
  • Waist Cinchers
  • The New Trench Coat
  • Robes
  • Shocking Pink
  • Flower Power

What trends are you coveting for spring?

Photo Credit:

Angie Garcia


Lamettria Sanders


Nailea Porras

Also, I’m wearing the Crayola x Clinique’s Mango Tango and Tickle Me Pink on my lips. They showed up as a slight tint on my lips, but they’re extremely moisturizing nonetheless!

Ensemble (1) Details:

White Tank 

Polka Dot Trousers

Ensemble (2) Details:

Colonel Mustard Top

Oh, Boy Corduroy! Flares


Gold Rings 


Trend Source

Trend Source



Beauty on A Bike

Happy Friday!

This post is long overdue. I envisioned this MONTHS ago! Nonetheless, this is probably my most favorable post. The joyful expression on my face in these photographs are priceless. Honestly, I think I enjoyed riding the bike more than anything. I hadn’t been on one since I was in grade school. I’ve been dying to check out one of the bikes and familiarize myself with the Fort Worth Medical District.

Furthermore, those of you who are wondering if I purchased the shirt like how it’s pictured in this post — absolutely not! Pinterest is to blame! I spotted a blogger with a man’s buttoned shirt, transformed into a dainty, off-the-shoulder blouse. You can easily take one of your own and button the middle section; depending how much skin you’re comfortable revealing. Secure the bottom half by tying the part of the shirt that’s not buttoned and there you have it!

What are your thoughts on my look? Would you consider wearing a buttoned shirt similar to the one below?

Angie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyPhoto Credit:

Angie Garcia Photography


Rosie Fermin


Meka Sanders

Ensemble Details:

Buttoned Blouse (No Longer Available)

Long Skater Skirt  (No Longer Available)

Converse Chuck Taylor® Low Sneaker


Charm Necklace (No longer available)

The Style Barn Turns 3!

Happy Saturday!

I can hardly believe that it’s been three years since I established my blog. It was no easy feat, but here we are!

Last year, I didn’t celebrate, but this year is about reflection. The journey I’ve embarked on as a Fashion/Style Blogger has been both difficult and rewarding. It’s a humbling experience – I would’ve never imagined having the opportunities afforded to me through hard work and perseverance. My mentor, Kimberly O’Neil has been such an amazing supporter since the day we became acquainted. She is the force that really pushed me to establish my blog.

Originally, TSB was a platform that I used to shed light on like-minded individuals. Features, trend reports, and product highlights were a large part of the blog. Building a rapport with individuals not only from DFW, has been imperative to the livelihood of my brand. Luckily, I’ve been fortunate to do just that! I’ve transitioned into offering my readers a glimpse of who I am, in terms of style.

Lastly, I appreciate all of you who lend your time to read my posts in their entirety, offering a kind word in the comment section below, and being a force behind my determination to progress.

Thank you! Xx

P.S. Those cupcakes were really good!

Angie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyAngie Garcia PhotographyPhoto Credits:

Angie Garcia Photography


Nailea Porras


Pouf Blowout & Beauty  (Macey Burns)

Ensemble Details:

Faux Fur Coat 

Printed Crop Top (In-stores only)

Stretch Knit Pants

 Stacked Square Heels


Slant Bar Studs (In-stores only)