Designer Tuesday: Kimi Kouture

Happy Tuesday!

This week’s Designer Tuesday is a real treat, seeing that I’ve finally been able to catch up with the Creative Director of Kimi Kouture. Kimberly Yohman is the designer behind the online women’s clothier that sells a wide variety of custom rompers and dresses. Kimi Kouture was founded in late 2012, with an official launch date of January 1, 2013. Kimi Kouture was birthed from Kimberly’s struggle with obtaining clothing to fit and flatter her shape. Moreover, Kimberly began sewing her own clothing that became favorable among women and therefore lead toward the beginning of the line. Fortunately, for the stylish consumer, Kimi Kouture ensures each custom piece is designed to fit specifically to enhance and flatter a woman’s curves. The use of high waist buttons, draping and stretchy fabrics are techniques used to magnify a woman’s hip to waist ratio in the utmost manner.

Furthermore, I can only imagine what the future has in store for Kimi Kouture and can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

Stay tuned!

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8 thoughts on “Designer Tuesday: Kimi Kouture

  1. Shay Price

    I LOVE her designs. You can show off your curves and still have a classy touch, without being trashy!. Hate to be so blunt but nowadays nobody understands the saying, “Less is more”.

  2. Ebone W

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE. They are fraud and provide the worst customer service ever. I purchased an item from them July 30th, I was told that it take 2-4 wks before you receive your item. Well needless to say I have yet to receive the item I purchased. After wk 5, I requested a refund and I have yet to receive that as well!!! It has been 2 months……I have yet to receive my item or a refund. You get limited communication from Kimi Kouture. I highly recommend do not order from this site.

  3. Qweet

    I agree with Ebone W. I would NOT recommend ordering from this site. They have terrible customer service from Kimi herself down to the staff. They do not return emails or phone calls. I had to resort to writing on several of Kimi’s instragram pictures for a response and when she did respond she got very nasty with me. All and all it was a bad experience.!

    1. Kelley Barnes Post author

      I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience. I’ve communicated this information to her regarding your complaint.

  4. J

    I’ve also had a TERRIBLE experience with I requested a cancellation and refund after the item I ordered for NYE didn’t arrive after EIGHT WEEKS. Now they’re saying they can’t refund me “because of Paypal”. I suggested they just return the money to me using Paypal transfer if that is the case. I haven’t heard from them since! I am extremely disappointed. What a scam, my 200$ down the drain.

  5. Ediva26

    Currently going through the same thing the other ladies are. Ordered 5 weeks ago I get an email stating that the fabric I want is discontinued and they’d gladly exchange. I replied five days haven’t gotten a respond then when I left an Instagram comment I was blocked! Never again!

    1. Kelley Barnes Post author

      I’m so sorry to hear about your not so pleasant experience with the on-line clothier. I’ll make sure that I share this with the founder herself. XO

    2. Chantel jones

      I am having this same issue she is extremely unprofessional everytime i write under her instagram post to find out whats going on she deletes it ive sent 4 emails and have gotten no response but you better believe my next move is to sue her ass!


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